Getting Connected

General Server Information (Mail, FTP, Shell, etc.)

PPP Dialup Help:
General dialup help:
The full list of Panix modem and phone numbers
Configuring a dialup connection on Windows 7, 8, and 10, and MacOS X
Getting to your Panix shell account from a PPP dialup connection
UNIX systems:
Panix does not provide specific help with UNIX PPP setup, due to the many differences across different versions of UNIX. However, we can point you in a helpful direction:
The Linux PPP HOWTO page at is a full step-by-step guide in using the PPP capabilities of Linux.
The PAP section of the PPP HOWTO is extremely helpful for those wishing to convert from a chat script to direct PAP authentication.
Please Note: These Linux help pages are not maintained by Panix, and we cannot provide help with or advice on their contents.
Shell Dial-up Help:
Logging into your Panix shell account via dial-up
Other useful information
Generic server information.
Contacting the Panix staff
Password Maintenance on Panix
System Status Messages on Panix: getting reports from the "MOTD" system
Glossary: explanations of some Internet terms

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