Full, Burstable, and Fractional T3 Service

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For mission-critical connectivity, Panix offers a full range of T3 options. All T3 services include:

Note that Local Loop (telco) charges are not included. They are usually large. See below for details.

All T3 services incur a one-time setup fee of (none)

Bandwidth Prices

The listed prices are the Bandwidth charge - that is, the price you pay for passing a certain amount of data to and from the Internet. You must also pay for the "local loop" (the connection from your location to Panix), as described below.

Full T3: 45Mbps: (none)
Fractional T3s
All fractional T3s are hard limited to the listed bandwidth.
3Mbps (none)
6Mbps (none)
Please note that unless you expect to upgrade to a larger bandwidth later, it's more cost-effective to use bonded T1s for speeds up to approximately 9Mbps.
10Mbps (none)
15Mbps (none)
22Mbps (none)
30Mbps (none)
Burstable T3s
All 45Mpbs available; additional usage on burstable T3s is billed at 95% (as explained here).

Including 5Mbps (none)
Usage over 5Mbps (none)
Usage over 20Mbps (none)
Usage over 30mbps (none)
Including 20MBps: (none)
Usage over 20Mbps (none)
Usage over 30mbps (none)

Yearly discount rates are available.

We offer the following add-ons:

Local Loop (Leased-Line)

T3 costs have two components - a charge for the physical line (known as the "local loop") which connects you to us, and a charge for the bandwidth that you want to use on the line (which can range from 3 Mbps to 45 Mbps). The bandwidth fees are listed above.

The local loop is usually delivered by the phone company, but some locations are also served by other carriers (such as Time Warner or Level3). Other carriers are usually cheaper than the phone company, and easier to deal with as well.

For most locations in Manhattan, local loop prices will vary from $800 to $2000 monthly. Unless your building is served by alternate carriers, expect a minimum of $1500. Locations outside Manhattan are usually more expensive.

If you would like a quote that includes the local loop, please send email to staff@panix.com. Please include a phone number physically at the site where the T3 will be delivered, the full address, and include the suite or office number.

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