Panix Business Express DSL

Panix Business Express DSL is available throughout the metropolitan NY area. Please check with us to see if it's available in your neighborhood.

Panix Business Express DSL is a high-speed, digital Internet connection without the high cost of leased lines. The technological advance of DSL enables us to bring you a dedicated, fully digital Internet link using standard telephone cable. Any number of users can be on your network, at speeds from 192 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps (exactly the same speed as a T1).

Since Business Express DSL is symmetrical (sDSL) and gives you equal bandwidth in both directions, you can add servers to your network without running into "uplink speed" limitations. You can check availability as often as you like, without obligation.

Should your needs outgrow your SDSL bandwidth, Panix Business Express SDSL customers can switch to a fractional or full T1 leased line with no penalty.

Speed Price
192 Kbps (none)
384 Kbps (none)
768 Kbps (none)
1.1 Mbps (none)
1.5 Mbps (Same as a T1!) (none)

Installation and Setup: (none)
ISP Switch Fee: (none)
If you are moving an existing MegaPath sDSL line from another ISP, this is charged in lieu of the Installation and Setup fee. Please indicate on the "Additional Information" field of the order form that this is a move order.

Prices do not include hardware or fees and surcharges.
Speeds are not guaranteed.
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The Panix Business Express DSL Base Package includes:
Prices listed are for the complete package, regardless of whether you opt to use all features included. Services and resources cannot be shared among accounts unless otherwise stated.
Additional features available
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