Domain Services

Panix offers the services below for use with customized domains. Registration is separate (Panix is not a registrar), but we will provide name service (DNS) for you if you want.
Email services
Forwarded Domain Service
Email to addresses in your domain, either pointing to an existing mailbox hosted elsewhere or to Panix-hosted mailboxes.
Mailing List Service
If you want to run a mailing list in your own domain, we can host it for you, whether or not we provide your name service.
Web services
All Panix shell accounts include a web page in the "" domain. If you want a site in your own domain, Panix offers a variety of web services including features from the most basic to the most elaborate.
Standard Web
Advanced Web
Developer Web
Dedicated Web
Colocation services
You can take advantage of our network connectivity and secure facility with or colocation service, in your own domain.
Internet access
The following levels of Internet connectivity include domain name service if you want it.
T3 and fractional T3
T1 and fractional T1
Panix V-Colo VPS (Virtual Server Colocation)
Panix V-Colo VPS gives you administrative control of your machine at a fraction of the cost of colocating physical hardware.

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