Add-ons for Dedicated Web Service

Mailboxes in your domain
If you need more than the 10 included with your account, additional mailboxes are available:
$5/month each or $20/month ($200/year prepaid) per batch of 10.
(Individual and block (multiple) mailbox packages may not be mixed and matched.)
SSL (Secure Server) add-on
$25 per installation (initial or renewal)
No monthly charge
We recommend GoDaddy or Namecheap certification.

Order an SSL certificate here.
Additional IPs
+16 (32 total) $15/month
+48 (64 total) $45/month
+112 (128 total) $105/month
+176 (192 total) $165/month
+240 (256 total) $240/month (full class C sized subnet)
Special-purpose Hardware:
If you need more powerful or special-purpose hardware ask us for a quote

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